Adult Acne

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Despite the common conception that acne is the pubescent boy's problem, the fact remains that about 1 in 20 adults suffer from this condition. Adult acne, although more rare than adolescent acne, still results from many of the same triggers. The difference is that these triggers will not disappear in a few years when puberty ends. Instead, they have become constant concerns and often a vicious cycle that causes more and more acne. Dealing with adult acne, especially severe adult acne, can be a real trial, but once one finds an adult acne treatment that works, there should be no further problems.

Cause of Adult Acne

Adult acne stems from the same basic causes as all other acne. Plugged pores result from excess sebum and dead skin cells. However, the external causes may have changed. In adults, acne breakouts often occur due to a change in diet, stress, medication, or cosmetics. When suffering a sudden breakout, check to see what has changed before jumping on the next miracle skin treatment. Even if the problem has been continuous, those factors are worthy of consideration as a change in one or all of them could significantly reduce the severity of the acne problem. However, in the case of an irreversible lifestyle change or continuous acne breakouts, seek an acne treatment that can help you in the long term. Unlike teen acne, adult acne will be there to stay, unless the method used to dispose of it sticks around just as long. Of course, for severe acne contact a dermatologist.

Adult acne skin care

Taking care of adult acne may involve a treatment, but there are some simple things that can be done to start treating your skin better before springing for that $50 a month skin therapy set. Pick a gentle cleanser and wash your face or affected areas twice a day. Don't scrub, since that can irritate the skin and translate into greater inflammation and more acne. Change your diet in small ways. Although no food independently causes acne, a diet that is high in fats, sugars, and oils overall will likely lead to greater problems. Finally, use a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer helps the skin stay healthy and reduces the likelihood of inflammation and acne. Taking good care of your skin might even resolve your acne problems on its own, but even if it doesn't these tips can only contribute to your overall health.

Best Treatment for Adult Acne

Sometimes acne doesn't clear up with good hygiene and a healthy diet. When that happens, take the extra step to find a product that will help with occasional breakout or prevent it. The best treatment of adult acne is a cleansing and moisturizing system that you can use daily. RevitaClear is just such a system. RevitaClear includes a gentle moisturizing cleansing cream, as well as supplements to help deal with the internal causes of acne. Not only will it clear up your acne, it prevents adult acne from ever recurring. Called the best cleaning system on the market, RevitaClear may be the best treatment for adult acne. Read our RevitaClear review.