Does Stress Cause Acne ?

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Many people wonder why sudden changes in their lives bring with them an increase in acne. The answer ties back to one of the root causes of acne - stress. Stress and acne go hand in hand, but some may still question why stress results in more acne. Stress causes an change in your bodies hormonal balance. This change often affects acne. Hormones account for acne breakouts due to stress, medication, and even a woman's menstrual cycle.

Acne Hormones and Stress

Until recently, no consensus had been reached regarding the effects of stress and acne, but research shows that increased stress causes increased acne. However, the case refuses such simple definition because stress often causes or exacerbates existing lifestyle problems in the individual. Stress and acne suffer from such problems as poor diet, lack of sleep, and overall poor health. With these lifestyles choices increased stress and acne result. However, even for someone who devotedly maintains a healthy schedule, eats correctly, and takes care of their skin, stress can cause an increase in acne. That's because stress encourages the body to produce more acne causing hormones while at the same time decreasing the body's healing factor. Since acne consists of an inflammation of the skin, decreased healing time means the infections remain longer, while increased hormones means more of them.

Lowering Stress Levels Can Clear Up Acne Faster

The obvious solution is to decrease stress. Although we all lead busy lives, taking some "Me" time can help to lower overall stress and improve emotional and psychological health. Engaging in truly relaxing activities like a hot soak in the bathtub or a good movie can help to counteract the effects of a stressful day at work. Perhaps most importantly, getting eight hours of sleep every night will contribute more to good health, lowered stress, and overall resilience. Nothing kills health and promotes acne like eating poorly, working late, and dealing with difficult people.

Best Acne Treatment

But, despite our best efforts, sometimes it impossible to eliminate or even effectively deal with all the stress in our lives. Overwhelming tragedy, broken relationships, and nonnegotiable deadlines often raise stress past healthy levels and negatively impact lifestyle at the same time. Even if those things don't occur, acne may be a reoccurring problem whenever the least bit of stress sneaks into our lives, and it just isn't feasible to live a totally stress free life. That's why a real effective acne treatment is so important. RevitaClear represents the best acne treatment available. This cleansing system will help you deal with stress and acne. Made up of a gentle moisturizing cleansing cream, RevitaClear has been called the best acne treatment on the market. Most importantly, it is not harsh or dangerous so it can be used every day, even after your acne is gone, to help maintain healthy glowing skin. Additionally, it treats acne from the inside as well. RevitaClear offers a supplement that helps to deal with acne causing toxins in the body by breaking the down so they don't have to be excreted through the skin. Read our review.