Natural Acne Treatment

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Many people choose natural acne treatment over medications on the basis of price, safety, or simple preference. A number of all natural herbal acne treatments exist that will help with adult acne, if not as quickly as over the counter treatments. To choose the correct acne treatment, a closer look at herbal remedies for natural acne treatment could be beneficial.See also our homemade acne treatment article.

Herbal Treatment for Acne

Many acne sufferers in search of a natural acne treatment find that tea tree oil offers an effective alternative. Research suggests that tea tree oil works by killing the bacteria the promotes acne. Aficionados of natural acne treatments also recommend black seed currant oil. Black seed currant oil is said to limit free radicals effectively protecting your body from irritants. Echinacea, goldenseal, and a host of other herbs often get touted as near panacea's for any kind of inflammation or ailment. The important thing to remember is that all of these herbs have specific effects on the body. Not one of them guarantees to cure everything, and many of them exaggerate their worth as acne treatments.

Natural Back and Chest Acne Treatment

Treating back and chest acne can be done with similar tools as those used for facial acne. Once again, tea tree oil applied topically and a variety herbal supplements taken internally can all help to deal with body acne. The prime difference stems from the amount of body to cover. Rather than topical creams and oils, many body acne treatments focus on internal supplements.

Natural Treatment for Cystic Acne

Cystic acne, considered the worst variety of acne, requires consultation with a dermatologist in its most severe forms, but natural acne treatments do exist. The most important first step to dealing with the problem, in the opinions of herbal medicine practitioners, appears to be personal attitude. Feeling depressed, sad, or angry promotes disharmony in the body and no cure will be permanent until the patient learns to maintain a happy demeanor. Next in importance, diet and digestive purification must happen first in order to limit imbalances in the body. A number of topical acne treatments including garlic juice, aloe vera, and tea tree oil may be applied, but internal acne treatments figure more prominently including a variety of herbal supplements. Taking echinacea, neem, and others will help to improve overall body balance, and thus contribute to a cure for acne problems. However, such acne treatments involve a total life overhaul and only those committed to the principles of natural holistic medicine will find success with these natural treatments.

Additions to a Natural Acne Treatment

For full body health, a gentle facial cleanser like RevitaClear may be effectively used with a natural regimen of acne treatments. RevitaClear is gentle yet effective and proven to clear up break outs and prevent further acne.

For those unwilling or unable to conform to the requirements of a full natural lifestyle cure, RevitaClear offers an effective acne treatment that won't get in the way of the pursuit of that goal, either. Read our RevitaClear review.