Does Eating Chocolate Cause Acne?

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The relationship of chocolate and acne arises often in debates regarding the proper treatment of the malady. Of all foods, none is more often maligned than chocolate. Accused of containing too much fat and sugar, causing oily skin, and promoting acne in general, the divine substance suffers from as many opponents as admirers. Accusers claim that chocolate does cause acne. Indeed, many suggest that anyone who eats chocolate deserves the ill reward of acne. However, true defenders of the faith of chocolate contend that no substance so tempting, no confection so satisfying could possibly harbor all of the ills of acne. The debate rages to this day with little hope of conclusive evidence on either side, so the question remains, does chocolate cause acne?

Chocolate Acne Myth

The actual fact of the matter remains that no food has been proven conclusively, by itself, to cause acne. The causes of acne, like acne itself, refuse such a simple pigeonhole. Chocolate and acne , despite the stigma of myth and fear, do not go hand in hand, at least not chocolate by itself. In truth, a person's overall diet has more to do with acne breakouts than any individual food that person might eat. We might expect a person who ate nothing but chocolate to have acne, but we would also expect that person to have tooth decay, vitamin deficiencies, and a high chance of osteoporosis. Lest that seem a negative commentary, we could expect similar diet related maladies for a person who ate absolutely nothing but carrots, but nobody likes carrots enough to do that.

Cause of Acne

The true causes of acne are genetic, hormonal, dietary, and hygienic in nature. Chocolate and acne share no common thread, but a diet high in fats, oils, and carbohydrates overall likely contributes to acne. Likewise, poor eating of any sort as a lifestyle tends to weaken the body's organs including the skin. Rather than pinning the blame on chocolate, a holistic approach that deals with diet, hormonal imbalances, and proper skin care will likely succeed, without removing chocolate utterly. As the old saw "moderation in all things," the secret to clear skin lies in balance. Rather than keep your chocolate and your acne, do away with the acne by eating right, and taking care of your skin.

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