Can Food Cause My Acne?

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The relationship between food and acne vulgaris isn't well understood, yet many people do see an increase in acne breakouts from eating certain foods. Although food doesn't affect all acne sufferers alike, it is possible learn the workings of one's own body to avoid food allergies which may aggravate acne or cause breakouts. Also, some foods have reputed acne repressing effects, while other foods nearly always cause acne when eaten. By taking a careful look at foods and acne, we will identify the best and worst entrees on the menu.

Food Allergy and Acne

Food allergies often lead to acne problems without the patient ever being aware of the food that causes acne. When it comes to food allergies, there isn't just one food that affects every patient the same. Food allergies differ from person to person so the only way to verify that the acne problems an individual is suffering stem from food allergies is to actually perform a standardized test. One such test is called the ELISA Food Allergy Panel. This panel tests the applicant's antibodies to see how they react against a hundred different foods. Judging by those responses, the results of the test can determine which foods could be irritants. At first glance, it may not seem clear how allergenic foods and acne are related, but understanding that inflammation causes acne makes it obvious that such foods would cause or prolong an acne breakout.

Foods That Cause Acne

What about normal foods? Are there foods that cause acne, even without an allergic reaction? Although no specific foods have been proven to cause acne breakouts by themselves, diets high in fat, sugar, oil, and carbohydrates. Given the propensity of high fat and high sugar diets to result in acne, common sense dictates a reduction in these foods. Eating healthy foods, natural sugars, and avoiding junk food and sweets will likely benefit any attempt to clear up acne. Much suspicion is cast on chocolate as a cause of acne. Read our article Does Chocolate Cause Acne to learn more.

Some also suggest that highly acidic foods are foods that cause acne. They list foods like lentils, corn, prunes, cranberries, milk, cheese, butter, animal proteins, aspirin, and tobacco as possible detriments to an acne free lifestyle. With such a complex list, it is important to remember that the overall diet determines the acne tendencies of the individual.

Food That Clears Your Acne

But it doesn't have to be war between food and acne. Many foods also have positive effects on acne. Since zinc tends to improve the complexion, foods like eggs and mushrooms boasting high zinc content may help. As in most diets, eating more fish may help. Omega 3 acids contribute to healthy skin and so will aid in acne prevention. Finally, the simplest aid to clearer skin and a healthier diet is water. Drinking 64 oz. of water daily will contribute more to clear skin than most other changes since water helps the skin stay hydrated, improves the removal of toxins, and thus reduces inflammation leading to acne. The best part for budget minded individuals is that water usually doesn't cost a thing. So don't go to war with acne; make peace with your skin and start feeding it something good.

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