Acjuva Review

Rated: 3.5 out of 10

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Acne is physically scarring and acne breakouts are extremely stressful for teenagers and for adults. One way or another, acne hits us all. The good news is that acne is treatable and there are creams that can clear and prevent acne breakouts. The bad news is that there are products being sold that are overpriced and not effective. We have put together a team of expert reviewers to test the most popular acne treatments for effectiveness and value.

One product we’ve tested is Acjuva. Acjuva is another 3-step acne treatment system consisting of Acne Cleanser, Renewing Toner, and Repairing Lotion. The Acjuva website claims a 99% success rate and promises to “annihilate your acne in 14 days.” We were eager to get Acjuva to our reviewers for testing.

What is Acjuva?

The actual manufacturer of Acjuva has decided to totally hide themselves from the public except for one email used for sales. What we do know is that the three steps to the Acjuva acne treatment are the acne cleanser, renewing toner, and repairing lotion.

The cleanser is formulated to clear dirt and dead skin from the face as well as heal blemishes. There is no explanation given on how a cleanser heals blemishes. At best a cleanser will cleanse the skin, but not rid of the skin of blemishes.

The toner is said to remove dead skin cells in step 2, so we must assume that step 1 is ineffective in doing this since it has the same purpose. However, the toner also clears oil so that’s a plus.

The lotion is supposed to contain ingredients that heal blackheads and blemishes again, further admitting that step 1 is totally ineffective.

Acjuva Ingredients

Acjuva contains a blend of natural ingredients with chemical preservatives and emulsifiers. Since Acjuva already contains chemicals we were curious why they decided to leave out the most effective acne treatment ingredient, benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is recognized as effective by the National Institute of Health, a claim that none of the ingredients in Acjuva can match. Acjuva contains:

  • Tea tree oil – helps with acne when combined with other active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide but on its own is not noticeably effective.
  • White willow – contains salicin which some mistakenly believe has the same effect as salicylic acid.
  • Green tea – antioxidant effects are healthy for the skin but not an acne treatment.
  • Aloe Vera – helps heal wounds and burns. Aloe Vera is beneficial to the skin.
  • Hydronium 50 – is a strong acid but has no proven medicinal uses.
  • Chamomile – a soothing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Lavender – has no effect beyond the soothing fragrance.
  • Redmond clay – a facial cleaner commonly used in masks.
  • Calendula – its antiviral properties do nothing for acne which is caused by bacteria.
  • Comfrey – helps with bone problems. Reasons for inclusion in an acne treatment are a mystery.
  • Licorice root – an old remedy for cough. Does nothing for the skin.
  • DMAE – is a mood-elevator and hardening agent in epoxy, not an acne treatment.
  • Honey – may help in skin rejuvenation but has never been shown effective for acne.
  • Hyaluronic acid – used to repair scars and wrinkles but they come back when use is discontinued.
  • Vegetable glycerin – makes creams slippery and wet.

Buy Acjuva

Acjuva is sold online via the Acjuva website. The 3-product kit is said to be enough for 4 months and is priced at $39.95. Buying 2 kits at once yields a $5 discount. This is another product that claims to retail for much higher, $79.95, but, like the other products, we have never seen sold in a retail store. This is a common ploy to make it sound like you are getting a deal.

Does Acjuva Work?

We were not surprised when our reviewers determined Acjuva to be completely ineffective. The ingredient list alone was enough to tell us that Acjuva does not work. Why a product would leave out benzoyl peroxide, yet include ingredients that provide little to no value to the skin is beyond reason.

Even though Acjuva offers a money-back guarantee it is our recommendation that you’d be better off skipping Acjuva and instead going for a product that actually works. Continue reading the acne treatment reviews to discover the most effective acne treatment at the most affordable price.