TriClear Review

Rated: 5.5 out of 10

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Acne forms when the pores of the skin get clogged with oil and dirt. Acne is not restricted to teenagers; in fact many adults are also stricken with this common skin disorder. Because acne fighting treatments are a multi-million dollar business, some companies sell acne products that are either ineffective or overpriced.

Our team of reviewers looks at the most popular products and ranks them by effectiveness and value to help consumers save time and money. In our latest review, we take a look at TriClear. TriClear is a 3-step system that promises smooth, healthy skin in record time. They claim 74% see results in 7 days and a staggering 98% in 14 days. Those are some very big claims. Our reviewers went in with curiosity. Let’s see how they came out.

What is TriClear?

The 3-step TriClear system is produced by an all-encompassing business that controls everything from research & development to warehousing. The website states that the TriClear system steps work together to create healthy skin by delivering the ingredients through QuSome technology. The QuSomes supposedly encapsulate the ingredients and deliver them deep into the skin. QuSome technology is still very new and all the available research at this point has shown that QuSomes are merely a theory, and not an effective delivery system.

TriClear was also independently tested to saying that 98% showed healing in 14 days yet only 71% prefer to use TriClear which obviously means either there is something they are keeping from us, or the statistics are completely made up.

TriClear Ingredients

The TriClear system is composed of Purifying Cleanser, Repairing Gel, and Revitalizing Cream. For unknown reasons, TriClear takes pride in the fact that their products do not contain benzoyl peroxide, the most effective ingredient in the fight against acne backed by the National Institute of Health. Instead, the TriClear system works on 3 active ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid – a plant hormone used primarily to fight pain and reduce fever. It is used in some skin care products as a treatment for acne and psoriasis. It works by shedding skin unnaturally to prevent pores from clogging. Salicylic acid has been linked to severe side effects that include irreversible hearing loss and hypersensitivity. Individuals hypersensitive to salicylic acid experience headaches, asthma attacks, and depression among other symptoms.
  • Inflacin – a patented ingredient for relieving inflammation and swelling. Although it can reduce physical irritation caused by acne, it does nothing to get rid acne or prevent it. TriClear is the only brand to use inflacin as an active ingredient.
  • Silicol dioxide – is a made up ingredient. We agree that it is something, but it is not recognized by the FDA and the only other references available about it are a brand name called Silicol that is made of silica or silicon dioxide. Silica is neither recognized as an acne treatment, nor can the body absorb or use it in any way whatsoever, even if ingested. TriClear claims silicol dioxide is the preferred method of treatment in Europe but none of our European contacts has ever heard of it.

Buy TriClear

TriClear is available only online through the TriClear website. TriClear is offered as a free trial for the price of shipping and handling. The website gives no other pricing information except for what is hidden in their terms and conditions. For $6.95 shipping, you are sent a 60-day supply of TriClear. This automatically enrolls you in an autoship program. If you don’t return the product in 30 days, you are charged $99.95 and again every 60 days.

Does TriClear Work?

TriClear was among the least effect products we have ever tried. Not only does TriClear not use benzoyl peroxide, but it seems to include ingredients that the company just made up. We have not yet verified the chemical make-up of these mystery ingredients, including QuSomes, and most dermatologists have neither heard about them.

It’s recommended to skip TriClear and go right to something that is both verifiably effective and affordable. To find the best acne treatment, continue on with our acne treatment reviews.