What Is Beta Hydroxy Acid?

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Beta hydroxy acid is a chemical compound that is often used in products that are designed for acne treatment. This acid is oil-soluble and therefore works very well in clearing up whiteheads, blackheads, and other acne lesions that are associated with oily skin. Beta hydroxy acid is also known as salicylic acid, the name under which it is listed on many over the counter skin care products.

How Does Beta Hydroxy Acid Work?

When used for acne skin treatment, beta hydroxy acid works by penetrating inside pores that are clogged with an oily secretion called sebum and a buildup of dead skin cells. Beta hydroxy acid is a powerful exfoliant that breaks down skin plugs in the pores so that they can easily be sloughed off in preparation for new skin cell growth. The compound is also used in products that reduce tough skin and wrinkles. Its concentration level in over the counter skin treatment products is between 1 and 2 percent; those with sensitive skin are usually better able to tolerate the 1% solutions.

What Are The Benefits Of Beta Hydroxy Acid?

Beta hydroxy acid is very beneficial as an acne skin treatment because it is able to reach deeper into infected pores than some other compounds such as alpha hydroxy acid. There is a low risk of skin irritation when using beta hydroxy acid due to its anti-inflammatory agents. It is effective in clearing up acne and improving skin conditions at a low concentration level. The use of products that contain beta hydroxy acid is also associated with reducing the mottled appearance of sun-damaged skin.

What Are The Side Effects Of Beta Hydroxy Acid?

The potential side effects of beta hydroxy acid are skin sensitivities that include itchiness, pain, burning, and redness. The risk of scarring in darker-complected people is slightly higher. In order to avoid any side effects that are connected to the use of beta hydroxy acid, it is recommended to use a moisturizer in conjunction with the acne skin treatment. Following the instructions appropriately and applying the proper amount of a beta hydroxy acid product to affected areas of the skin will greatly reduce the chances of unwanted side effects.

Beta Hydroxy Acid For Acne Treatment

Beta hydroxy acid is a proven ingredient in skin care and acne treatment solutions. It is gentler on the skin than products that are formulated with alpha hydroxy acid. People who have oily complexions that are prone to frequent breakouts of blackheads or whiteheads should see good results from a beta hydroxy acid-formulated acne skin treatment.ClearPores is an effective acne treatment containing beta hydroxy acid. Read our ClearPores review.