Acnetix Review

Rated: 3.5 out of 10

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Acne is the most common skin disorder and certainly also the most hated. Teenagers and adults alike suffer from acne vulgaris and some so badly it can leave scars. Also known as zits and pimples, acne can form red, white, or black bumps and lesions on the skin. Acne is caused by hair follicles and pores becoming filled with oil, dirt, and dead skin.

Effective creams are available to treat acne but because acne treatment is such a big business, many ineffective products are being marketing as sure remedies to unassuming consumers. Acnetix is one of the products we have reviewed for effectiveness and value so consumers don’t have to waste their own time and money in experimentation.

Acnetix is a 1-step natural scrub that promises to begin clearing acne in only a single week. One week is the most boastful time-frame for results from any acne treatment we’ve reviewed. We gave Acnetix a fair and full analysis though, keeping in mind the phrase: if it seems too good to be true…

What is Acnetix?

Acnetix supposedly comes from a company called Revivea Laboratories. An extensive worldwide search found no businesses operating under this name and the only contact information they provide is a sales email address.

A quick search for Acnetix on the internet points immediately to several websites with reviews from customers who found Acnetix to be nothing more than a scam.

The Acnetix solution itself is a watery lotion that we are told must be applied twice daily for effectiveness. We are also told by the website that Acnetix is the #1 rated acne treatment however we ran across no independent reviews corroborating this information.

Each 12-ounce bottle is said to be enough for four months but we were confused as to why we needed a four-month supply of a product that is supposed to work in one week.

Acnetix Ingredients

Acnetix claims to be all-natural with no harmful or caustic ingredients. This is one claim made by Acnetix that is true. Of course, "natural" does not always mean safe or effective.The long list of Acnetix ingredients is as follows:

  • Tea tree oil – a natural antiseptic touted as a replacement for benzoyl peroxide. For acne, tea tree oil can be used in conjunction with but not as a replacement for benzoyl peroxide because it is much slower in its action.
  • White willow – contains salicin that the body converts to salicylic acid.
  • Retinol A – an important vitamin for skin health.
  • Vitamin E – even more important than vitamin A for skin. However, neither is a treatment for acne.
  • Green tea – provides antioxidants, doesn’t clear acne.
  • Walnut shell – a good scrub.
  • Oat flour – also used as a scrub.
  • Vegetable glycerin – for smoothness.
  • Redmond clay – thickens product and moisturizes skin.
  • Aloe Vera – another good moisturizer.
  • Chaparral – used by Native Americans for arthritis and colds, but not acne.
  • Gotu kola – helps memory and concentration.
  • Alfalfa – has some vitamin E but not much.
  • Jojoba – a slightly beneficial oil but its effects on acne are untested.
  • Avocado – has an oil that penetrates deep into the skin, but doesn’t help with acne.
  • Lavender – antiseptic and astringent properties.
  • Jasmine – has a soothing aroma.
  • Camellia – also relaxing.
  • Bergamot – another natural oil.

Buy Acnetix

Acnetix is sold online with several different pricing options. A single bottle of Acnetix sells for $39.99 and a 2 bottle package is $79.99 with a small bottle of “Miracle Pore Minimizer” thrown in for 1 cent. Acnetix claims that this product is also sold online at eBay for $60 or more each bottle.

The Acnetix website promises it will be sold out in 36 hours and you must act now “before it’s too late,” an obvious sales ploy. Acnetix claims to have a lifetime guarantee but several customers say they have been refused a refund on product more than 60 days old.

The only contact information for Acnetix is a single email address that many people say they receive no response from. With all the bad reviews surrounding Acnetix combined with the lack of contact information, we were starting to wonder ourselves if this product is indeed just an internet scam.

Does Acnetix Work?

Acnetix may be all-natural, we’ll give them that, but their product does nothing in the treatment of acne. Acnetix smells nice and slightly moisturizes the skin but at $40 per bottle, that’s one expensive moisturizer.

Conversely, the lack of contact information may mean that this product is an internet scam, as reviews by consumers have shown.

For a product that actually works in treating acne, continue reading our reviews.