Other Types of Acne

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Although acne vulgaris cases far and away outnumber the other varieties, a few other types of acne exist that don't necessarily fall into the category of severely disfiguring and dermatologist help needed. These varieties require special and individualized care, so don't treat them like any other acne outbreak, or you might regret it. A list of acne varieties outside of the norm include: acne nodules, acne cysts, and acne rosacea.

Acne Nodules

Acne nodules might at first glance simply look like overgrown zits, but the differences are more than skin deep, literally. Acne nodules extend much deeper into the skin than similar acne, while at the same time getting much larger than a common zit. Sometimes as large as the eraser on a pencil, these knobs or red swollen flesh are sensitive to the touch and often painful. Popping one likely means that it will last longer, taking longer to heal and becoming more inflamed. On the other hand, if one does get popped, it will probably scar as well. For this reason, treat these inflammations with greater care than your average zit.

Acne Cysts

Acne cysts are to zits what Godzilla is to chickens. Acne cysts often distend the skin over a relatively large area, up to several inches across. Containing pus and other fluids, attempting to pop them can only cause additional damage as it may extend the cyst and cause greater inflammation. Cysts appear red and sensitive to the touch and should be seen to by a professional. Mistreatment of a cyst can easily lead to scarring.

Acne Rosacea

Acne rosacea appears as a red blemish on the face, primarily the forehead, nose, and chin. Acne rosacea differs from other acne in that it is benign, causing no serious injury to the skin. Characterized by redness, small red bumps, and visible broken blood vessels, many people do not even recognize that they have acne rosacea and many more remain unaware that it is a diagnosable and treatable condition. This condition appears in adults, especially those of Irish descent.

Best Acne Treatment: Prevention is Key

The best acne treatments deal with more than the simple symptoms of the malady. As such, the same basic tenets for prevention apply to all kinds of acne. Foremost, washing the face and affected areas twice daily with a gentle cleanser and applying moisturizer often helps prevent these skin conditions. One excellent preventative acne treatment is RevitaClear. RevitaClear is a system for facial cleansing and moisturizing which includes a revitalizing cream which helps to heal and reinforce the natural defenses of your skin. Called the best cleansing system on the market, RevitaClear may be the best acne treatment for prevention of all forms of the malady. In addition to the topical treatments, RevitaClear offers additional supplements to deal with the internal causes of acne. These supplements help to break down the toxins within the body that would otherwise be excreted through the skin and potentially promote acne. Don't wait for an acne cyst or nodule to wake you up the needs of your skin. Use RevitaClear and not only will it prevent skin conditions such as these, it will also aid in the overall health and beauty of your skin. Read our RevitaClear review.