ClearPores Acne Treatment Review

Rated: 8.5 out of 10

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ClearPores Skin Cleansing System includes multiple products designed to fight every aspect of the acne problem. Through the use of these multiple acne products, ClearPores is able to fight acne both above and beneath the surface.

ClearPores is available in two different systems - one for the face and one for the body.

ClearPores Facial System

In the ClearPores Facial System, you’ll find: ClearPores Herbal Supplement, ClearPores Deep Facial Wash, and the ClearPores Facial Protection Cream.

ClearPores Body System

The ClearPores Body System includes ClearPores Herbal Supplement, ClearPores Deep Body Wash, and the ClearPores Body Protection Cream.

In this review, we’ll look at each product to discover how the system works piece by piece.

ClearPores Deep Facial Wash

This deep facial wash is designed to penetrate far beyond the surface of the skin. By getting deep into the pores to break up the oil and bacteria that causes acne, ClearPores Deep Facial Wash can be effective at preventing future breakouts.

ClearPores Herbal Supplement

In theory, the ClearPores herbal supplement is supposed to help reduce scarring, rebuild skin cells, and fight inflammation caused by acne. This supplement contains aloe vera, dandelion root, licorice root, yellow dock, burdock root, atlantic kelp cayenne, red clover, Echinacea purpurea, turmeric, and sarsaparilla root. However, it’s unclear in our tests just how effective a part this supplement plays in this acne system.

ClearPores Facial Protection Cream

After using the wash and the supplement, you should use the ClearPores Facial Protection Cream to keep your face from drying out during the day. Like the facial wash, this cream also uses salicylic acid as a primary ingredient.

ClearPores Deep Body Wash

The ClearPores Deep Body Wash is much like the face wash. It’s the main component to the body care system. Those using this system are supposed to use the wash once in the morning and once at night to unclog pores and to wash away bacteria and oil that cause acne.

Clear Pores Body Protection Cream

The ClearPores Body Protection Cream is designed to protect your pores from oils and bacteria throughout the day. The makers of ClearPores describe it as a protective shield against acne.

ClearPores Skin Cleansing System: Our Evaluation

Based on our tests, we found that ClearPores is a fairly effective acne treatment system. While it is better than most topical products on the market, it still fell short of our top rated product. Furthermore, we found the ordering process to be a complete hassle and just overall confusing. Finding the right system for your needs on the ordering page can be overwhelming, and the money back guarantee isn’t as straightforward as they claim.

That’s why we recommend learning more about our top rated product. It produced much more effective results than ClearPores, and ordering is fast, easy, and guaranteed.