What Is Salicylic Acid?

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Salicylic acid is an organic compound that can naturally be found in plants or chemically synthesized. Salicylic acid is a crystalline powder that is white in appearance and is primarily used to treat fevers, pains, and various skin conditions. Salicylic acid is primarily known as an ingredient in acne treatment formulas, but it is also effective in reducing and eliminating calluses, eczema, psoriasis, and warts. This acid is also often used to treat dandruff.

How Salicylic Acid Works

Salicylic acid works by promoting the shedding of damaged skin cells and the growth of new ones. Salicylic acid also keeps the pores of the skin clear so that they won't become clogged and produce acne. As an ingredient in topical skin products, salicylic acid actively breaks down all forms of acne and other conditions while increasing the rate of exfoliation by the skin. The product also loosens dry and damaged skin patches by softening a epidermal protein known as keratin.

Benefits of Salicylic Acid

The use of salicylic acid for acne treatment has several benefits. This acid is composed of large molecules that remain on the skin surface long enough to sufficiently treat the pores. Those who have sensitive skin can safely use products that contain salicylic acid as they are much less harsh and irritating than some other formulas. Salicylic acid is also known to increase the benefits of additional skin therapies.

Side Effects of Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid normally does not produce bothersome side effects. Before using it for acne treatment or other skin conditions, one should be certain that they are not allergic to the compound. Minor side effects that can occur with the use of products containing the acid are dry skin and a light stinging sensation upon application. The skin can also redden and be prone to peeling. People with sensitive skin are encouraged to use a 1% salicylic acid solution in order to reduce the possibility of side effects.

Salicylic Acid and Acne

Many common acne treatment products contain salicylic acid. These products are available over the counter in the forms of gels, pads, creams, and cleansers. The strongest products that are used to treat stubborn cases of acne have a salicylic acid concentration of 2 percent. Salicylic acid should be applied to the whole surface of the problem skin area once daily. It is very important to follow the directions given with the treatment and to only use one type of salicylic acid product when treating acne in order to prevent dryness.

Best Acne Treatment Containing Salicylic Acid

ClearPores is the best acne treatment product of those that contain salicylic acid. ClearPores is an entire system of skin and acne care with items that are specifically designed for the face and the body. Salicylic acid is present at 2% strength in ClearPores facial wash, facial protection cream, body wash, and body protection cream. The ClearPores acne treatment system has successfully reduced blemishes, acne, and redness in the skin for many satisfied customers.