Adult Acne Treatment

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Most horror stories of acne focus on the poor struggling adolescent awash with hormones and afflicted with poor hygiene and IQ, but the fact of the matter is that many adults suffer from serious acne problems as well. For those not suffering from it, acne may seem like a minor problem, but for sufferers, it can affect every aspect of their life and overshadow social situations. Adult acne just looks horrible, but worse, serious acne can lead to unattractive scarring both physically and emotionally. That's why a number of popular methods and technologies have been developed as acne treatments.

Adult Acne Home Treatment

The most common adult acne treatments consist mainly of creams or cleansers applied at home. These products often have to be used in conjunction with moisturizers since most acne products tend to dry the skin, often severely. The prices for such products vary depending on the brand name, but some of the most popular include RevitaClear and more. Topical skin creams and treatments cover various causes of acne and ever increasing brand names. The most important thing to remember is that when picking an adult acne treatment follow the instructions carefully.For do-it-yourself acne treatment, read our Homemade Acne Treatment article.

Laser Treatment for Adult Acne

Although initially regarded with skepticism, laser acne treatments have proven to be one of the most effective ways to cure and prevent acne. Medical professionals have found that after one application, laser treatments effected by an experienced laser surgeon reduce future acne outbreaks by about 50%. In addition, properly applied laser treatments have been found to increase collagen, restore pigmentation, reduce scaring, wrinkles, and lower the presence of sebum, the chemical suspected of causing of acne. Unfortunately, unless the acne problem is truly severe, laser treatments may exceed the budget of would be participants. However, doctors do predict that laser treatment prices will eventually come down to match the cost of prescription acne medication taken over time to achieve an equal level of skin clarity.

Treatment for Adult Acne Scars

A variety of treatments exist for acne scarring. Some of these treatments border on cosmetic surgery, such as subcision, while others are relatively non-invasive, like laser treatments. However, scars inevitably require case specific programs to deal with them effectively, and they always require the help of a doctor. Often, two or more methods will be combine to improve overall results. Most importantly, the price tag attached to any of these procedures can be hefty, varying between a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Collagen injections, for example, cost as much as $700 per injection.

Best Treatment for Adult Acne

There is no instant cure for acne. There are only ongoing treatments. Many cleansers and treatments excessively dry the skin while others fail to keep their acne cleaning promises. RevitaClear is the one product named the best skin cleansing system. This three part system cleans, heals, and protects the skin so that the acne not only goes away, it doesn't come back. In a market awash with dozens of adult acne treatment products, RevitaClear guarantees to satisfy, or your money back. Read our RevitaClear review.